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About Williamsburg, Brooklyn Real Estate

Williamsburg is time and again a pop culture trendsetter. Located on the northern end of Brooklyn, just south of Greenpoint, the collective feeling towards this oft-debated title is a casual group shrug. Nothing seems to be taken too seriously in this posh neighborhood, and that is how the residents like it. It is not uncommon to have day parties just because residents here celebrate life whenever the mood strikes. Creative and fun are the name of the game.
This is not the quiet meditation-level community of some surrounding areas. There is some hustle and bustle here, along with good time-loving neighbors. This area has a thriving and rich music scene to compliment the good vibes. Luxury high rises and condominiums have beautiful waterfront views.

What to Love 

  • Fun-loving residents 
  • Luxury residential accommodations
  • Trendy, high-end boutiques for shopping
  • Many upscale food options
  • A hip, playful attitude in residents

Local Lifestyle

Artistic and laidback are common themes in this amazing area. If music is your primary motivation for getting out of bed, this area has that scene. If creative artistic types help you get through the day, you will find kindred souls in your neighbors. As long as you are not looking for soulful solitude, Williamsburg offers a lot. The hustle and bustle are the rules rather than the exception, and that energy seems to drive the community in an encouraging positive way.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Peter Luger Steakhouse is an old-school steakhouse that serves aged beef with top-notch service to match. The setting for this fantastic venue is made to look like a traditional German beer hall. Until the last few years, this establishment was cash only but has moved to cash and debit. The Meatball Shop is exactly what it sounds like; it's a place where meatballs and traditional Italian food are what’s for dinner. This is also an amazing stop for a top-notch brunch that fills and delights. Cafe Mogador was started in 1983 and quickly established itself as a cultural hub. Serving up Moroccan-inspired fare with a decidedly Bohemian vibe. D.O.C. Wine Bar is next-level Italian cuisine that is authentic and inspired. As a welcome addition to their quality food offerings, a robust list of fine wine selections are a great way to enhance your experience.

Things to Do

Williamsburg is a fun, vibrant area ripe for those wanting to embrace life to the fullest. National Sawdust is a top-tier art and music venue celebrating classic, new, and exciting music offerings. Its mission is innovation, celebration, and connecting artists and audiences that may never otherwise cross paths. 
The Giglio Feast combines Italian cuisine, old-world traditions, and great people for a cultural festival that is a heartwarming tradition that keeps growing each year. In addition to great food and music, there is a multiple blocks-long carnival for residents to enjoy during this one-of-a-kind gathering. This festival has deep roots in the community while welcoming newcomers at any opportunity with a more the merrier attitude.
Local piers offer an amazing opportunity to enjoy the picturesque view of the East River. Sunrise and sunset provide breathtaking views while preparing you for what is to come, be it a day of getting up and going or an evening on the town enjoying the sights and sounds.


Williamsburg is serviced by the New York Department of Education District 14. Some of the fine schools in Williamsburg are:
  • Williamsburg Prep
  • Success Academy Williamsburg
  • Williamsburg Northside School
  • Uncommon Schools Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School
  • East Williamsburg Scholars Academy
  • Williamsburg High School for Architecture and Design
  • The Williamsburg High School of Art and Technology

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